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What you must do during this lockdown!

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Finally, it is here

Kpulukputu agbago n'iru efi! Sometimes it pays not to surf the internet these days, no thanks to the never ending plethora of sad,bad, gut-chilling and awful news around the globe, especially as they affect "our dear country" Nigeria. But whether you are in the know or not, you will definitely share in the impact of whatever goes on. When our 'leaders' kept siphoning billions with their cronies, they decided not to believe that today will ever come. When they refused to diversify our economy because of the free oil money they plunder, they felt they would always dash out of the country to enjoy their stolen wealth. Now oil is as useless as the tissue paper! Now,we all are stuck here. Our founding fathers sowed hatred, intolerance, ethnicity, mediocrity and the lot. Now, we are harvesting the seed they planted. While countries with foresight were busy building factories, investing massively in education and infrastructure,we were busy erecting white-eleph

A man's weakest point!

Nearly everyone has at a point or the other in his or her life been in a relationship. Even teenagers and adolescents seem to have gone farer than their ages permit as regards romance. A question that remains on the lips and minds of the female folk has been finding the right formula for 'caging' the hearts of their men. There is a general perception among women that men are insatiable and can ever be pleased or completely subdued,no matter how good their women are to them. While this is not a proven hypothesis, it only gives credence to the fact that a lot of women have not yet come to terms,the surest way to completely capture their men's hearts. IS GOOD SEX THE SUREST WAY TO A MAN'S HEART? While good sex is the craving for every man, it does not greatly endear a woman to a man. While it is an essential necessity in every romantic relationship, good sex does not excite longer the spur of that moment. If good sex is all a man wants, he might have easily settled do

Removal of Sanusi: Questions for Awka

The dramatic dethronement of the powerful Emir of Kano, Muhammad Sanusi II, on March 9, 2020 by the governor of Kano State is a compelling story all its own, but it highlights the question of why the long-lingering kingship crisis in Awka, with its deeply debilitating effect on Awka political economy, has not been decisively tackled by the governor of Anambra State. Is the Awka crisis more intractable? Are the contending forces more formidable? Or is there a Machiavellian attempt to keep Awka politically embroiled, weakening its ability to compete for authoritative allocations? Awka Times weighs up the evidence. By Chudi Okoye It wasn’t quite the ‘ides’ (i.e. middle) of March, as in the Shakespearean tragedy,  Julius Caesar . But a local soothsayer might well have warned Sanusi Lamido Sanusi, the erstwhile Emir of Kano, to beware the ‘tides’ of March! It was high noon on this fateful day in Kano as news broke of high palace drama in the ancient emirate: Following a lo

Why Nigeria Might have the highest Coronavirus patients!

CORONA VIRUS: FALSE HOPES, FAKE NEWS AND INEFFICIENCIES OF THE NIGERIAN SITUATION. Before I dive in, let me quickly state that Corona virus (COVID-19) is not one of Nigeria's most pressing health issues, neither is it Nigeria's most pressing societal problems. Bad leadership and corruption take number one and two. This combination, has birthed the whole lot of hunger, unemployment, insecurity. Corruption and bad leadership are the principal reasons everything about the country's fight against many diseases, including Covid-19 is beleaguered. It is not surprising that the impact of Covid-19, like many others, is not being given attention in Nigeria. It is a country with about 90 million people living below poverty line. Many other poverty related factors (disease and non disease conditions) are more likely to kill you, as a Nigerian, before covid-19 does. You can clearly understand why, the battle to survive, is greater than the battle to not be in a situation to batt

Appreciate a talkative spouse!

Ann, a 34 year old married woman recently complained of a sudden spell of silence from her hitherto talkative husband. Fred her husband was the antagonist type that never spared a word when expressing his feelings, especially anger and disapproval. Thus, the fact he suddenly stopped complaining, especially over things he would normally have thrown words here and there about got his wife worried. It was not as if Ann enjoyed any of her husband's outbursts,but she had become used to them. Fred would complain practically over everything: from the meals he was served to least issue at home. This time around every thing had now become 'okay.' Ordinarily, any woman should be excited at such a development,but Anna was careful enough not to indulge her excitement. She was more than worried. Communication is an integral part of any union, formal or informal. Lack of it is one of the major causes of disharmony and chaos especially in marriages. A lot of people find it difficult t