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Appreciate a talkative spouse!

Ann, a 34 year old married woman recently complained of a sudden spell of silence from her hitherto talkative husband. Fred her husband was the antagonist type that never spared a word when expressing his feelings, especially anger and disapproval. Thus, the fact he suddenly stopped complaining, especially over things he would normally have thrown words here and there about got his wife worried. It was not as if Ann enjoyed any of her husband's outbursts,but she had become used to them. Fred would complain practically over everything: from the meals he was served to least issue at home. This time around every thing had now become 'okay.' Ordinarily, any woman should be excited at such a development,but Anna was careful enough not to indulge her excitement. She was more than worried. Communication is an integral part of any union, formal or informal. Lack of it is one of the major causes of disharmony and chaos especially in marriages. A lot of people find it difficult t

How to know if your workmate is crushing on you!

An office is supposed to be a place to transact business. Well, it is truly. But we know quite well that a lot of other things happen in our places of work. Chief among them is what a lot of people regard as 'office romance', While in most climes,it is unethical to date or have romantic association with a colleague,but it is something that we have to live with, because even the makers and enforcers of such rules are guilty of the same 'offence.' It is not a bad thing to admire your workmate, but be careful not to mistaken friendship for amorous intentions. Not every workmate that seeks your friendship wants to go down with you. When a colleague becomes fond of you,it would just be out of admiration or 'just for nothing.' However, there are signs for you to look out for to be able to decipher if that workmate of yours is actually 'salivating' at the prospect of going down with you. For males: 1. She suddenly starts giving you unsolicited assistance. A

Does age matter?

We are always faced with statements like, "he's too old for me" or "I am too young to go out with him" from a lot of females, particularly teenagers and young adults. A lot of them reportedly turn down overtures from men with such excuses. Yet,no one has actually come out to state the specific age a wannabe spouse should be before accepting to date such a person. But it has been finally discovered that there are more to such statements. Females are always eager to cook up excuses for rejecting a date (age difference a major one). Can it be considered an aberration if for instance, a 30 year old manm overtures at an 18 year old? Does age really matter? While perhaps out of sheer nativity a lot of young girls will rather date men within their age range, a good number of them actually have a different view. The latter believe that "the older,the better." Nkolika, a 23 year old single lady had never dated any man less than 30 according to her. She is o