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The Unholy Alliance

The Unholy Alliance! (My New Year message) As the great poet Odia Ofeimun opined in his poem, "we must learn again to fly," 'some wounds cut so deep/we forget where the pains come from. We itch from congealed blood to brimless seas/we forget how to flow.' Such is the reality of the state of affairs in Nigeria,depending of course, how you choose to interpret the lines. We wake up every morning seeing the state of the nation continually worsening, not knowing (or rather choosing not to admit knowledge) of what is happening. Foolish as we are, we know quite well those who are messing around with our collective destinies, but what do we do? We keep applauding and backing their devilish acts, albeit blindly. We receive bags of rice from them during yuletide and we keep "thanking God for their lives" and asking God to replenish their pockets a thousand fold, however the money came. That, He has been doing anyway. The fact that our religious leaders are,

Preach safe sex, not abstinence !

Abstinence from sex has been a recurring slogan in our pretentious society for ages. In schools it is preached (little wonder the introduction of sex education was vehemently opposed by a lot of 'policy makers '), in religious circles, attempts are made to drive it down the throats of adherents, while at home parents never cease to remind their wards how they 'kept themselves' till they got married. Our religious leaders keep on reeling out the rhetorics "your body is the temple of the holy spirit."  People are lectured on all they stand to gain by staying away from sex outside marriage; you will make heaven,you will not contract veneral diseases, you will not get unwanted pregnancy,bla bla bla. Wow! Despite all these, has promiscuity reduced? Abortions have hit an all time high. Contraceptives are being taken as food. Lots of adolescents go about with unwanted pregnancies, especially in the rural areas. All because of the religious card we play.  If you

His real name is not Jesus

Martin Reyto writes... Jesus’s real name was Yeshua, a short form of Yehoshua, which ordinarily translates to Joshua in English. It was a name commonly given to Jewish boys during the time of the Second Temple. So why don’t we call him Joshua? Because when the Gospel was translated to Greek, the translators changed his name to make it sound more natural to the Greek ear. They came up with Iesous. When the Romans took the Greek text and translated it to Latin, they changed it to Iesus. That was how it spread across Europe via the Roman Empire and the missionaries of the early Church. At some point the letter J was introduced into the Latin alphabet and replaced the initial I, but phonetically it stayed the same. It remains the same in a number of languages today. English and French gave it their similar pronunciations of the letter J, while Spanish gave it yet another one which resembles the Latin more closely. The “Christ” portion of his

Mbaka's Alter

Mbaka's Alter! Prologue : Brandishing ill-gotten wealth and splashing it in a house of worship does not make it clean! Gathering political hawks and societal moral misfits simply because of insatiable materialism is sheer religious promiscuity. Coaxing politicians to surrender siphoned funds to you while playing a demi-God is to say the least, religious opportunism and abracadabra! With the reference of the alter of God as "Mbaka's Alter", It is clear now to the blind adherents of the so called Adoration Ministry that all these years, they have been worshiping the man, Ejike Mbaka, not the Almighty God. I hardly comment on the religious thievery going on in Nigeria and the utter stupidity of the followers of the so called "men of God" (money). This is because the gullible followers who are in the majority are still neck deep in religious bondage,and it would be a waste of time trying to dehypnotize them. Nigeria is currently occupying the unenviable