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Wither Obasanjo?

In the past week, the polity has been awashed with Obasanjo's open aversion to President Muhammadu Buhari's second term aspiration. Not that it was the first time or he was the first person to have openly decimated this administration, but it was his personality that made his vituperations gain so much public relevance. More so, it was this same Obasanjo that had openly supported the enthronment of this same administration. A lot people and groups have come out to endorse Obasanjo's assertion that Buhari does not deserve, and should not contemplate running for a second term due to his alleged gross incompetence and fledgling health. What Obasanjo has failed to tell is this : is he of the opinion that we should not vote in APC, or is it just the person of Muhammadu Buhari? To Nigeria who believe in his guidance, who or which party does he advocate for? That Obasanjo is a schemer of repute is not under contention. From his antecedents, it is important to realize that Obas

Parrotnaija Mid-week : Marrying Early Vs Early Marriage

This topic is one that generates understandable controversy among people. As with several other topical issues, people's opinions are diverse. When is the right time for a male or a female to get married? Everyone frowns at 'early marriage'.  In fact, many 'reasonable' parents would chase you out of their homes if you ever attempt to come for their 'under-aged' daughters' hand in marriage. Legally, a female less than sixteen is considered not ready for marriage while a boy should be at least eighteen before mooting marriage. Even at that, many still are not at home with the 'sixteen' and 'eighteen' years maturity age for females and males respectively. A lot females marry early for various reasons. Some marry because of poverty. Such people see marriage as financial breakthrough or a means of making ends meet. Most often, the reverse is the case. While others may marry out of peer /parental pressure or unwanted pregnancy, a negligible

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Are you both sexually compatible?

Some time ago, a lady came to me in tears, confiding in me her marital nightmares. She had absconded from her husband's home many times to her parents' home with their only child and was contemplating calling it quits with her husband. When I asked her what her problem was, she narrated a 'gory' story of how her husband 'never allows her a minute rest.' According to her, she was fed up with the marriage. The lady did not know that a lot women pray for such 'disturbance.' I needed not also remind her that there are men with similar complaints, men whose wives want to "kill" with insatiable lovemaking. Conservatives opine that there is more promiscuity today than in the old days. While this may be partly true, they tend to forget that polygamy held sway in the olden days as opposed to the much touted monogamy this is today 's society. A man who has five wives for instance, and still goes ahead 'dangling his balls' before  &quo