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‪#‎ throwback‬  The Nation Newspapers Jan 15 2007 SERVES HIM RIGHT!!! By Chukwudi Anagbogu Dr Ubadike was known throughout the campus as a womanizer.Every girl he fancied he wooed by all means.He either used coercion or entreaties.In his department for instance, any girl who came to him for one problem or another would first meet up with his demands before he even listened to her problem.Being a comfortable lecturer with an unsuspecting wife and two children who were already graduated and gainfully employed, the fifty year-old was never comfortable with with girls paying for 'services' in cash, rather he always opted for payment in kind.But what was certain was that as long as you fulfilled your own part of the bargain, your problems are solved instantly.So as the staff adviser of his department, he always entertained numerous problems ranging from missing results, late registration of courses and so on.Also, those who were ready to sort his courses always came around.