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Anambra State Government set for massive recruitment of teachers

Got a Degree or NCE,unemployed and from Anambra State? The above is for you. Visit the nearest zonal office of the state ministry of Education for more information!

What to do when someone comes to borrow from you...

When I started working here, the very first thing most of the 'old' staff took turns to bring my notice to, was the existence of a particular member of staff who according to them, was a perpetual debtor. According to them, this particular man was indebted to nearly every worker in the establishment, not forgetting the huge loans he had secured from the Staff welfare Association, which had not been able to offset till date. Furthermore, this man was also alleged to have secured a six-month salary advance from the establishment! When I asked what problems this particular man may possibly be solving with such money, one of the women hissed and posited that the whole cash was spent on irrelevances and ostentatious lifestyle. It didn't take long before the said man approached me for a thousand naira loan, which according to him would be repaid the next day. I had wanted to turn him back when I reflected on what I have heard about him,but on second thought I decided to lend hi

Ekwueme's Funeral jamboree: A ploy to deceive Ndigbo?

Chukwudi Anagbogu writes... The much awaited and anticipated burial of the late Nigeria's former Vice-president Dr.Alex Ekwueme has finally come and gone,and everything has returned to status quo. It was an event that served as a major distraction to the quagmire our nation has been plunged into by this government, no wonder the dexterity with which the Federal Government handled the entire ceremony. The news that The Federal Government had expended as much as one billion naira on the funeral of Ekwueme days before the internment,broken to us by our own Dr.Chris Ngige (who had usurped the duties of Alhaji Lai Mohammed), was obviously intended to massage the ego of ndigbo and make them believe the government meant well for them. Eventually, it ended up being a fall into a ditch as people snorted disapprovingly at the report. We all kept quiet while waiting to see what actually gulped the huge sum,that is,excluding the ones spent by the "jamboree-led" government of