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 The Remote control
By Chukwudi Anagbogu

 Chapter  one

Mr Okafor and Mrs Urawa read their respective letters and exchanged knowing glances. Of course, reading such a letter was a mere formality as every member of staff at Unity College knew how and when a query is in the offing. The duo were alleged to have missed a number of lessons, and as such are required to explain to the principal why  'disciplinary measures should not be taken against them for such negligence.'

Ever since Mr Charles assumed the duty of the principal of Unity College  following the resignation of his predecessor, a lot of 'fireworks ' have been thrown at the staff. As a former teacher in the same school before his surprising and questionable elevation to the post of the principal, it was thought that he would be protective of his subordinates, but alas, the reverse was the case.  Charles obviously was a good man with a charming personality. Forty-five years old and a family man, he was jovial and easy going especially among his colleagues. He never looked like he could hurt a fly. These were before he became the principal. The manner with which he discharged his duties lent credence to the popular saying that,  "absolute power corrupts absolutely." People wondered whether his disregard and uncharitable attitude to the staff was just because of power intoxication. Before long however, the burble began to burst and everyone eventually discovered the reason behind his uncharacteristic disdain for his subordinates; Miss Christie, his 'confidential secretary' whom he had recruited the moment he assumed office.

They quickly responded to the query and proceeded to the principal's office to submit it personally, as was the instruction. Seeing the principal was always a day's job, especially if you are not among the creme de la creme of the school. After being deliberately kept waiting for hours at the reception room for nearly an hour by the offer bossy Christie, they were allowed in, but with Christie in tow. Without responding to their greetings nor offering them a seat,the principal took the letters from them and dropped them inside a nearby basket, before looking up to them.
"You both will hear from me later... "
"Charles, " interjected Christie coming closer to the principal's desk, "these two teachers need to be disciplined instantly to serve as a deterrent to others.,,"she ended looking straight into his eyes.
The principal looked obviously ruffled, while the two teachers were dumbfounded. They were not surprised. After all, Christie actually called the shots, not Charles. For an ordinary secretary to wield such influence looked suspicious. No one knew why Charles allowed himself to be manipulated by a lady his personally employed.

"Okay, "responded the principal, "what do you think we should do to them? "he asked.

"Surcharge them instantly. They should get a half pay this month,"she enthused, much to the chagrin of the teachers.
"So, "the principal began obviously addressing the teachers facing him, "you have heard her...your salary for this month has been slashed by a half...
To be continued


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