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Obinna was on his way home from the ATM when his phone suddenly rang. At first, he had wanted to ignore the call largely because he was on a commercial motorcycle. He hated answering cals while on a motorcycle or a commercial vehicle . He detested noisy environment, and just like the main market he regarded every other place outside home as not being conducive to answer phone calls, not just because of the noisy nature of such environment, but the need to make his conversations as private as possible. Who knows who could be out there eavesdropping?
 The calls however, persisted and he decided to take a quick glance at the phone to know who the "overbearing caller " was. From experience he had come to the conclusion that whenever anyone called him in such a manner, there was something the fellow stands to gain from him. He had just gone to withdraw nearly all the money in his bank account, as he had just received his monthly stipend from his employees. He needed to pay his rent and offset a few bills.
He glanced at the phone, Lo and behold, it was his immediate younger sister. She rarely called him, except when there was a serious issue. Who knew what was in the offing?

He alighted from the motorcycle, paid his fare and standing by the roadside, he immediately tried to return her call when he discovered the text message she sent.  It read thus : mum has been rushed to Dignity Hospital. She needs urgent surgery.pls hurry to the hospital with fifty thousand naira. The doc said without the money, he will not start treatment. Pls hurry! "

Obinna sighed softly as he read the text over and over again. He had withdrawn exactly fifty thousand naira mainly to pay his outstanding rent. He knew he stood the risk of being thrown out of the house that day. He loved his mother, no doubt. But why does she drive 'pleasure ' in falling sick at the end of each month?
He forwarded the text to his elder brother who returned his within a second,  "we have not received our salary. I am bankrupt.pls see to mama's treatment. " Obinna was livid. His brother had derived joy in passing the buck to him, as regards the welfare of the family. After standing for what seemed an eternity, he boarded a motorcycle to the hospital. He would find a way of fixing things. But as for the money he had withdrawn, he must spend it the way it was planned to be spent!

He alighted from the motorcycle and was about to proceed to the reception of the hospital, when he heard the message alert on his phone. He halted and proceeded to read the text : honey am so xori hw I treated u. My mum is at the point of death now. We need some money for oxygen. Pls baby, can u part with 65k. Pls. U are all I have baby. (tears)

He read the text again and sighed once more. "These people really want to drain me  at all cost, " he exclaimed. Cynthia had been a girl after his heart, a girl he had been looking for every opportunity to please in order to win her heart. This was an opportunity, but came at the wrong time. His mother  first. On second thought, he decided it was worthwhile  assisting Cynthia. Who knows, with this, she may finally say yes to his proposal. He decided to send his brother a text which read thus : We have also not been paid. I don't have a kobo. Pls run around and  raise the money before mum dies.

He invited Cynthia to the hospital lounge. He reasoned that with such a sacrifice he was about to make, she would realise how much he truly loved her.  He decided to meet briefly with her before proceeding to the ward to see his mother.
Within five minutes, Cynthia landed and within another five minutes, she was almost on her way out with the sum of fity thousand naira.

"Thank you so much for everything, "she said hugging him tightly, the first time since he knew her, "make sure you take care of your ailing mum. "

"No problem dear, it's well. Take care of your mum too. I believe you should raise the remaining 15K from other sources," concluded Obinna.........

Obinna rushed towards the female ward of the hospital. As he stormed into the building, she heard loud voices wailing. The voices were unmistakably those of his siblings.  His mother had just given up!

Two hours later, he was seated on the staircase leading to the first floor of the hospital wailing and trying to call a certain Cynthia on phone. She was not picking, so he decided to text her.:honey u are not picking up. My mum is dead... She died immediately u left. Pls I need u by my side now.  Moments later, she replied : so sori about that. Take heart. Thanks for your assistance. The money was actually meant to assist my fiance in paying for his rent. I am with him now, and he sends his regards. You are a good guy, u will find a good wife. " Obinna collapsed and passed out


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