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Is it possible that one would readily accept a lift from the same person that had kidnapped him not long ago? Can a person who is the architect of your misfortune suddenly extend a hand of fellowship to you? Imagine being served food by the same person that had poisoned your loved ones. It is only in the Bible that a fish, after swallowing a human being, vomited him exactly where the person had intended to go... And that was Jonah! Just few weeks ago, the python had danced and many lives were lost. The victims had hardly completed their mourning, when the same python returns with a live-saving unsolicited  offer. Hmmm.

When parents thronged schools to ferry their wards to safety from school on 11th of October, we were made to believe that the panic that greeted the alleged immunization carried out by the Nigerian army in Ozubulu was uncalled for, that it was part of their corporate social responsibility! Wow! The internally displaced persons in the north east are allegedly being starved and assaulted on daily basis without the Army displaying such a "responsibility"  there. Wait o, there has never been any sort of immunization without adequate public enlightenment, and worse still, the state government was not intimated! And you blame people for suspecting foul play. There are better places to display corporate social responsibilities. Our federal roads are in a sorry state, and I  believe the Army has civil engineers that can help offer palliatives on such roads.

Relationship between the government and the led has broken down irreparably, that it will take a miracle to restore it. If the Nigerian soldiers meant well in their purported immunization programme, they should first build up the confidence level with the people, and follow the stipulated protocol that goes with such.  There are primary health care centres and public hospitals where one can get vaccines, and there are trained medical personnel saddled with such responsibilities.


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