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Managing stardom...

By chukwudi Anagbogu

It is certainly easier to get to the top than to remain there. No one plans to get to the zenith, only to crash-land back to status quo. Many sit-tight leaders of today fail to relinguish power partly due to intoxication typical with such positions and largely because of the fear of returning to 'status quo'. A lot of people who attain great heights forget that it took the sacrifices of many to get there.  That a lot of people fall from grace to grace and from hero to zero is as a result of 'mismanagement of stardom', some of which come about suddenly and without a foreshadow. It is important to realise that  as soon as you become a public figure, your lifestyle and every other thing about you must undergo inevitable metamorphosis, as all aspects of your life will be in the public domain.

A lot of great people experience fall due to pride. Pride, it is said, goes with a fall. When you make it in life, do not think that everything is okay with you, and other people(especially the lower class) do not matter. As a matter of fact, the people whom you rode on their shoulders to the top are as well very crucial to your remaining there. Neglect them and you are doomed. Being a star is not an avenue to discard simple courtesy, especially when dealing with people of less background. If you are a king,  your subjects should be treated as kings too. Remember that if you are a musician, and you treat the same people who buy your music and put food on your table with disdain, be ready for a fall. ..

As a star, you will have to contend with the plethora of admirers as well as 'doubters' who beseige you on daily basis. Success is magnetic. Everyone would like to be associated with you, but only a few genuinely felicitate with you.  Others simply pretend to be for you, mainly for what they stand to benefit from you. Be careful, let's you be carried away with the encomiums that come your way. When the chips are down, the same people who extolled your name when the going was good, would be on hand to sing at your funeral!

Being a star would get you more of psycophants than genuine friends. People around you are not likely to tell you the truth when you err. They will extol every single thing you do, however negative. Their aim is to endear themselves to you, and get as much favours as they can from you. The moment you fall, they will dress you down before the public. However, do not take for granted the very few criticisms and chastising that may come your way from the very few principled ones ,however scathing.

Be security conscious. This applies to everyone, irrespective of age, class and social status. Do not deceive yourself thinking that you have no enemies, after all "you have not wronged anyone." You must not wrong anyone before you have enemies. Being successful is enough to attract bad will. A lot of people want you to remain at their level or even far behind. They are just uncomfortable seeing you excel.  Mind your movements, the friends you keep as well as people you confide in. It's not just easy...

Do not try to please everyone. Yes! No one has ever succeeded doing that. When you are wealthy, you are accused of being stingy. When you assist, you are accused of doing little. And most of the people who complain, were never available to support you in your rise to stardom.

You are a role model to many, especially the young minds. Mind what you say or do in public. Your dressing should depict decency. You no longer have anything like privacy. Everything you do is available for scrutiny by the public!

To be continued. ...


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