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Wither distant relationships?
By chukwudi Anagbogu (08063305177)

Keeping distant relationships has been in vogue from time immemorial. From married couples to 'hit and run' couples, the list of those in it is endless.

The difficult economic situation has made it seemingly inevitable for lots of couples, especially the males to stay far from their spouses and families in the case of married couples. It is very difficult to secure high-paying jobs anywhere today, irrespective of your academic qualifications. Therefore when one manages to secure one, one jumps at it without considering the proximity of the job location to one's place of abode. Many couples stay from months to years without setting their eyes on each other!

The coming of ICT and GSM has made communication easier quite all right, but remember that "out of sight is out of mind. " That you call your spouse ten times a day or chat with him/her on all the social media every second cannot be a substitute for physical presence.

One needs one's partner around, if not every time at least within short intervals. The frustration at having your matrimonial bed all to yourself from day to day is unquantifiable, particularly when you are ill or emotionally needy. Phone calls or social networking cannot comfort, hug and of course make love to you when the need arises (no one is statue.)

More so, a lot if children are morally and academically bankrupt because of the absence of either of the parents, mostly fathers. Children are best raised in homes where both parents are available.

Money is not everything. It is important for couples to work out modalities that will see them spend more time with themselves. In a case where either of them does a job that makes occasional transfers inevitable, the other should sacrifice his or her own job and make sure they are together. A troubled relationship will make nonsense of all your "moneymaking."

However strong the trust you have for your spouse, the less you see the fellow, the less the bond. Suspicions will crop up. Accusations and counter-accusations will become the order of the day. As a man, wherever you wish to relocate to, if there's no provision to bring your family over, do not go ahead with the relocation!

On a lighter note ,I don't believe in "courtship in absentia." A lot of people 'in love' have not really met their "lovers"  in real life.  Some meet and even court in the social media. That one is a story for another day.

As it is said in some places,  "it is who that is seen that is remembered." What your spouse needs most is your physical presence and attention. So, if you are desirous of having a blissful union, do not contemplate engaging in a distant relationship, else it won't be long before your eyes open!


  1. Wow. Quite all round Negative. You could broaden the spectra of the article and the reader's interest with some positivity or solutions, as you clearly pointed out earlier that the issue is seemingly inevitable. Good write anyways. But I wouldn't completely agree to it being well proof-read before publishing. For there-in lies still one or two typos!



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