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How She met her husband!

How she met her husband

 Uptil now, Eby still does not have the true idea of what brought she and her husband together. As a friend to her husband Ken, each time I remember the incident on campus many years ago that eventually culminated to the marriage of the duo, I smile sheepishly. Needless to say, I was a key actor in the relationship between Ken and Eby, right from the outset, perhaps because I was the brainchild behind the 'tactics ' that saw Ken win over her.

Eby was the sanctimonious type on campus. If you could not find her in her room or at the library, you would definitely see her at the church. She wore what was known as "Mary -amaka ", a type of clothing that covered all her body parts with the exception of the face. We were course mates, but I was two years ahead. Because of the glaring differences we had as regards lifestyle, I hardly harboured any amorous thoughts about her, not minding her unrivalled beauty. For a very beautiful girl to be churchy always raised eyebrow. Some of such girls use such churchy looks to mask their wayward lives.  That's by the way.

It was on a Saturday that my secondary school classmate Ken approached me, telling me about a certain girl in my department whom he admires, and had been making all attempts to woo without success.. Lo and behold, it was the same sanctimonious Eby. Ken wanted me to "help" him out using my influence as the president of my department, or better still school him on the best strategy to adopt in what he termed, " the journey of love." The greatest challenge Ken told me he had was the churcheous nature of Eby, as it was believed that such girls were difficult to get, especially people like him who were 'of the world. '.

"why not join her fellowship. That way, there would be something common that would bring you both together, " I suggested.

"There's nothing I've not done, bro, "he answered before continuing, "I even started attending her church, but she didn't budge. She is too smart for such."

I paused for a while. I had wanted to hands off the matter, (after all, Ken was supposed to be a man), but I felt like helping Ken, but how, I didnt know. He was very helpful to me during our secondary school days, that I felt indebted to him. So, I decided to help him, the same way I had helped my roommate. That was the last resort, and if it failed, there would be no point still going after her.  I told Ken the plan I had for him. At first, he looked unconvinced, but when I painted the picture clearer to him, he was game!

Thus, three days later, precisely by 8pm, Eby was as usual returning from the Mid-Week prayer meeting. She had had to trek home through the lonely path that led to her hostel because at that time, it was impossible to hitch a ride. Before she walked half way, two young men emerged from the nearby bush and menaced towards her, both armed with pistols.
"if you move further we shall blow your head off! "one of them let out. She was visibly frightened, that she could not utter a word. She wanted to plead with them to let her leave, but the moment the other person mentioned 'rape',  she had no choice but to scream for help. As the young men pounced on her, about to devour her, a young man rushed to the scene with a big club shouting, "will you let her be or you get killed! "

"who are you? "one of the guys asked making for his pistol.
"you are surrounded by the anti -cult, so don't touch that gun! " the man shouted running towards the scene. The two men abandoned the lady and took to their heels. The young
man held the lady by the hand.

"I hope they didn't hurt you, "he said lifting her to her feet.
"No....please who..... are you? "she asked slightly disengaging herself from him.
He flashed the torch on his own face and asked her, "you remember me? "
She was shocked. "The same guy I saw at the fellowship last week? What are you doing here? "she asked perplexed, but a bit more relaxed.

"I was returning from another fellowship in town, when I heard you screaming. I didn't even know you are the one, but I  needn't ask what was wrong. This road is always dangerous especially at night, and a lot of students have fallen victim to hoodlums here. So I decided to try and save whoever it was that had the voice, "he responded, sounding so honest and convincing.
"Thank God you came, I was almost raped. But,what if they had shot you.. they were actually armed with guns, "she said.
"Sister you have to hurry home. It's getting darker and more dangerous, "he said almost dragging her along.
"I am so scared... I can't even go home alone, and I can't even stay alone in my room. Most of my female neighbors travelled and I'm all left alone. Please can you take me home. "
He obliged and escorted her home and to crown it all, he spent the night in her room at her own insistence!
That was the beginning of the love story between Eby and the man that 'saved' her, Ken. Of course, her parents had called to register their gratefulness to him for 'risking his life ' for their daughter.
Eby and Ken actually wedded two months ago and I think it's high time Ken told her the truth about the stage -managed episode.. It wouldn't make any difference anyway, as both are now love birds. I  will remain happy that my 'unbelievable ' plan once again worked for my friend. I hope God will forgive me, for I do not want to get my own spouse the same way.
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