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Our mumu go eva do?

When our politicians start buying fuel from black marketers and charge their devices with Power banks, we realize the pessimissm in the polity...

It seems successive administrations have learnt the best time to 🔨 Nigerians with price increments /anti government policies without attendant backlash or strike actions. Earlier this year, government's slightest attempt at suggesting an impending increase in the pump price of petroleum products met with stiff resistance, with several Labour unions threatening a show down, should government go ahead with the rumoured plan. We are not new to hike in prices of goods and services during yuletide seasons,but the way Nigerians surrender to such hikes baffles me.  Years back, the government of Goodluck Jonathan welcomed us to the year 2012 with the removal of fuel subsidies. We groaned, but while it was frying pan, what we have now is fire. No Labour Union is threatening strike action,while the usual critics complain with one side of their mouths. Everyone is obsessed with the yuletide celebration.

Where do people actually get the money they squander during yuletide?

From January to November, people complain of hardship. Salaries are not paid, those who receive have substantial chunk slashed. Businesmen complain of low patronage as well as outrageous taxation, while millions of youths wander about aimlessly without jobs. Suddenly, money begins to flow from all angles during yuletide and people pay ten times what they refused to pay on negligible goods and services months back. The rest is history.

Chukwudi Anagbogu wants to know the source of the stupendous wealth being splashed during the yuletide season...


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