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Finally, it is here

Kpulukputu agbago n'iru efi!

Sometimes it pays not to surf the internet these days, no thanks to the never ending plethora of sad,bad, gut-chilling and awful news around the globe, especially as they affect "our dear country" Nigeria. But whether you are in the know or not, you will definitely share in the impact of whatever goes on.

When our 'leaders' kept siphoning billions with their cronies, they decided not to believe that today will ever come. When they refused to diversify our economy because of the free oil money they plunder, they felt they would always dash out of the country to enjoy their stolen wealth. Now oil is as useless as the tissue paper! Now,we all are stuck here.

Our founding fathers sowed hatred, intolerance, ethnicity, mediocrity and the lot. Now, we are harvesting the seed they planted.

While countries with foresight were busy building factories, investing massively in education and infrastructure,we were busy erecting white-elephant structures in the name of churches,where we worship a God we know little or nothing about. We invested in religious buildings. We are the most religious,but we are the most corrupt as well as the poverty capital of the world. Today, those structures cannot feed us; they are totally shut down and we are faced with the gory reality where we have to hope on God for a miracle.

We complain of hunger. We blame the government. We want the government to practically scoop food into our mouths. But do we pay taxes? Americans pay taxes; we pay tithes. Where do you want government to get the funds to spoon-feed you this period? We haven't seen anything yet. The beginning of hunger and suffering has not  arrived yet. There's no more free oil money to dish out! The little that is left will be swept out by those in government who must try all means to maintain their lifestyle.

There's nothing happening now that has come as a surprise; from the drop in oil prices, to the decay in our health sector,to the weakening of the naira, to just everything. But what have we done? We use the little we would have used for massive industrialization and diversification of the economy to erect gigantic places of worship( where unfortunately God does not live in), deceiving ourselves that we would pray ourselves out of these quagmires, without appreciating the fact that heaven helps those who help themselves.

We are always quick to blame our leaders without being objective. Our religious leaders are as culpable, if not for anything but for misleading their gullible followers in the quest for material gains. You can't have your cake and eat it.

The blame game cannot get us anywhere. The result of our decades of wickedness, stupidity, lack of foresight, ethnicity, corruption, religious rascality, cluelessness, diversionary behaviour is out. Pick up your farm tools and go to the farm (for those who have lands), because as it is now, the only thing U can possibly pray for at this time is FOOD TO EAT. We hope this period will bring about the much needed intrinsic change and a massive re-orientation, for those who would be alive to tell the story. Odiegwu

Chukwudi Anagbogu


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