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What you must do during this lockdown!

Things you must do during this lockdown!

1. Get married! It may sound awkward for one to think marriage at a time like this, but it is a very good priority to grace your to-do list. A lot of intending couples whose marriage ceremonies have been put on hold because of this pandemic should go ahead and tie the knots, because there would be a lot more at stake when the coast finally becomes clear. It is to your advantage,as you will have to jettison your earlier plan of a spending spree for a modest ceremony involving a few important personalities, without flouting the social distancing rule. It will also be an opportunity for more emotional bonding as you have all the time in the world to get to spend together. If your partner is from a neighbouring village or town, a very quiet and uneventful traditional wedding can be done with the fewest number of people possible. Get a "man of God" to do the needful,if you fancy that. You are good to go!

2. Avoid frivolous phone calls! A lot of us are guilty of this. A cursory look at the amount you have spent so far in recharging your phones this period will send your heart racing. What is more annoying is the nature of such calls. While communication with family and friends is essential, doing so without restriction will soon land you in a mess,and those you wasted the money calling will not be there to rescue you! If you have a smartphone, do more of WhatsApp call, messenger call and all that. Or at best, USE SMS. All the network providers give ten free sms to all subscribers a day. Maximize it!

3. Use lite version of Mobile apps to minimize data consumption.
We spend all day online these days, either chatting, watching movies or reading news updates. A lot of money is spent on data. Using lite version of apps makes you save a lot of data,and invariably money. Instead of the data hungry apps like YouTube and Facebook, use YouTube go and Facebook lite. Stay away from Instagram if you are conscious of your data consumption. Some phones have a feature called "WhatsApp mode." This mode when activated, limits your data consumption only to WhatsApp. Phones like Tecno and Infinix have such this feature.

4. Avoid stupid charity
Can charity work be stupid? A very big YES. You can't give what you don't have. Trying to attract public praise or elicit public adoration by giving what you need is stupidity. While it's good to render help to those in need, do not do so to your own detriment. Love your neighbor AS YOURSELF.

5. Avoid Sexcapades!
Temptation is real, especially for the single ones. This is the time for you to truly zip up. You need to keep every single penny U can keep. Take it or leave it, just like food,sex is a daily need. But unlike food,it can be suppressed when there are more serious factors on board. Spending money renting chalets and other mostly inevitable but negligible stuffs Futher puts you in a mess. Stay celibate if you can.

6. For the married, patronize contraceptives
This is not the best of times for procreation, especially of you already had one or more already. Our parents contributed to the present problems besetting us today by "multiplying and filling the earth," without considering the resources to nurture and grow the 'seeds.' There is no doubt that there would be increased sexual activity between couples this time around, they should ensure that conception is out of the way for now. Providing daily bread is now a huge challenge,let alone adding more problems to the existing ones. Enjoy,but play safe.

To be continued...


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