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Women also beat men!


Chukwudi Anagbogu writes...

Let us balance the discourse

If there is one thing to shudder about Nigerians, it is the fact that issues (no matter how grave) are swept under the carpet after about a week or two of intense overflogging. 

The reactions that have trailed the suspected killing of Osinachi have been deafening. Everyone, including some who may actually be more brutal than the late woman's husband, has been condemning the spate of "wife beating" and general marital "banditry" in our society.

Be that as it may, let us also remember that a plethora of men have lost their lives untimely due to spousal "banditry". Husband beaters exist especially where the man is economically inept. Even among the bourgeois, we have verifiable cases of women either poisoning their husbands or actually hacking them down. The case of the wife to the son of a former PDP national chairman is worthy of mention. In fact, while men are majorly guilty of battery, women are infamous when it comes to actually killing their spouses.

Like women,a lot of men are suffering and smiling in their marriages. Like women, many go through emotional, psychological and even physical abuse. An unverified report has it that 70 percent of men who die untimely owe it to bad marriage. Unlike women, most men do not speak out,and even if they do, the society hardly takes them serious.

To divorce is not an easy step. Like many have said, indoctrination is our problem. Staying in the midst of violence and doing nothing is tantamount to committing suicide. It is only a tree that will know it will be chopped and still remains standing.

Let us begin to reorientate the citizenry. Let us condem "marital banditry" in its entirety. Men, not only women are victims as well. Sometimes its even worse for them....


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