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Preach safe sex, not abstinence !

Abstinence from sex has been a recurring slogan in our pretentious society for ages. In schools it is preached (little wonder the introduction of sex education was vehemently opposed by a lot of 'policy makers '), in religious circles, attempts are made to drive it down the throats of adherents, while at home parents never cease to remind their wards how they 'kept themselves' till they got married. Our religious leaders keep on reeling out the rhetorics "your body is the temple of the holy spirit."  People are lectured on all they stand to gain by staying away from sex outside marriage; you will make heaven,you will not contract veneral diseases, you will not get unwanted pregnancy,bla bla bla. Wow!
Despite all these, has promiscuity reduced? Abortions have hit an all time high. Contraceptives are being taken as food. Lots of adolescents go about with unwanted pregnancies, especially in the rural areas. All because of the religious card we play.  If you say we shouldn't preach safe sex, then you are part of the problem, because a certain Mr. Ken once narrated how his wife he married a virgin has become one of the most 'sought after ' prostitutes. There are a plethora of similar stories. This lends credence to the fact that the very few percentage of virgins we supposedly have simply lack the opportunity to 'do', not that their present state has been premeditated.
One of the major reasons why there are lots of sexually related issues in society today is the pretentious lifestyles of the so called preachers of abstinence. Incidences of sexual recklessness among even religious leaders is now legendary. Worshippers are defiled daily by those who sing the sermons! Naive students unsuspectingly get abused by the same teachers who come to class telling them how pre-martial sex adversely affects their studies. The same parents that chastise their wards abuse even their own children. The list is endless.
Without attempting to promote promiscuity, i believe what we need is to preach and promote safe sex practices as a more realistic option to abstinence. No matter how much u preach abstinence, people will still pay deaf  ears to it, thereby plunging them into the riskier problem of unsafe sex. People, especially the young ones should be taught safe sex practices like the CORRECT use of condoms/other methods that would not lead to unwanted pregnancies. If you don't teach them, they will still learn it, albeit the wrong way.
Sadly, we are in a sex-controlled world. Many employers seek it from prospective applicants, bosses demand for it to grant you favours, lecturers exchange sex for grades, University executives do so to grant admission to prospective students, even a good number of clergymen display sexual finesse. Everyone's libido is virtually becoming uncontrollable. Yet we pretend as if nothing is happening. We point fingers at professional prostitutes when a lot happen in our closet.
The only way to control the unabating consequences of flings and sexual adventure is to increase people's level of knowledge as regards safe sex. People need to stay away from STDs, HIV, unplanned pregnancies, etc, and it cannot be achieved solely by preaching abstinence. That does not mean abstinence should be confined to the dustbin. They should go hand in hand. Let people make their choices. But within our hearts, we know that the majority of people (including those pretending to be righteous) will be very happy reading this text!


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