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How to know if your workmate is crushing on you!

An office is supposed to be a place to transact business. Well, it is truly. But we know quite well that a lot of other things happen in our places of work. Chief among them is what a lot of people regard as 'office romance', While in most climes,it is unethical to date or have romantic association with a colleague,but it is something that we have to live with, because even the makers and enforcers of such rules are guilty of the same 'offence.' It is not a bad thing to admire your workmate, but be careful not to mistaken friendship for amorous intentions. Not every workmate that seeks your friendship wants to go down with you. When a colleague becomes fond of you,it would just be out of admiration or 'just for nothing.' However, there are signs for you to look out for to be able to decipher if that workmate of yours is actually 'salivating' at the prospect of going down with you.
For males:
1. She suddenly starts giving you unsolicited assistance. A lot of ladies use this method to show their male crush the green light. She tries to impress you by doing some of your work without your asking,even when she has not finished hers. My brother, nothing goes for nothing o.

2.She invites you to her church. Not every invitation is a sign of intention though. But when she singles you out to give you such invitation, my brother something is cooking. Why only you? Did the Holy Spirit send her to just you?

3. She talks to everyone, but ignores you. Some guys feel slighted when a lady snubs them. If she doesn't talk to you at all,but talk to every other person,my brother relax. She will not just talk to you very soon,she will speak. Just ensure that you don't be the first to break the silence!

4. She picks up unnecessary quarrel with you. My brother, she's seeking your attention. Give it to her or remain dumb

5. She will deliberately want to be on the same work team with you. She would quickly suggest your name for any task during meetings. My brother,she dey find another thing.

6. She will try to pretend to give your closest guy some attention in order to stir up jealousy in you.

7. She will 'mistakenly' dial your number and apologize. My brother,that is not a mistake o

FEEL FREE TO ADD YOUR. We shall be looking at the side of guys tomorrow. Stick around


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