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Does age matter?

We are always faced with statements like, "he's too old for me" or "I am too young to go out with him" from a lot of females, particularly teenagers and young adults. A lot of them reportedly turn down overtures from men with such excuses. Yet,no one has actually come out to state the specific age a wannabe spouse should be before accepting to date such a person. But it has been finally discovered that there are more to such statements. Females are always eager to cook up excuses for rejecting a date (age difference a major one). Can it be considered an aberration if for instance, a 30 year old manm overtures at an 18 year old? Does age really matter?

While perhaps out of sheer nativity a lot of young girls will rather date men within their age range, a good number of them actually have a different view. The latter believe that "the older,the better." Nkolika, a 23 year old single lady had never dated any man less than 30 according to her. She is of the opinion that the wider the age gap between a girl and her man, the less problem they both have. "My current guy is 37 and he brings so much maturity into our relationship that we rarely quarrelled,let alone fight. He knows very well how to handle my inadequacies!"she exclaimed. The only time, according to her that she had dated a guy a year older than her, it was always "one week,one trouble." On the other hand, a final year student, Mercy had a completely different view to that of Nkolika. According to her, she gets turned on more when she's with a guy almost same age as she is. "That feeling of being with your age mate rekindles the feeling of youthfulness in me. When I see a man more advanced in age, it feels I am with my dad!"....

That apart, it is very evident that a girl will most unlikely reject a man purely on the basis of age difference. It seems to be mere excuse ostensibly to reject the man. Or how would u explain the reason why the "sugar daddy" imbroglio has kept on thriving. The same girl that would turn down a guy 10 years older than her would later hang out with a 60 year old man!

While no law specifies the particular age difference between a couple, people should not make it an issue. As far as a girl has attained the age of consent, she should be free to legally 'roll' with any man who meets her more genuine and serious criteria,age not withstanding. Most of our fathers today are a lot older than our mums, and it hasn't been a big deal. If you are a man and a lady rejects your advances because of your age, rest assured that there are other hidden reasons for her rejection. What do you think? As a lady, what is the highest age gap do you wish to exist between you and ur spouse? Same with men...


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