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By Umeh victor kenechukwu

I just came across this from my bossom friend and brother Engr Umeh Victor Kc and decided to share...

You smoke cigaratte and weed, you drink all types of alchohol. You are sent to university, you go there, you join cult groups, you go after every girl, you sleep with them & abandon them, you carry gun, you go out with your gang, you go to rob people, you rape your female victims, impregnate some in the process. You murder the 'stubborn' ones, you collect money, you go and assassinate people.You get initiated in every bad guys group on campus, they give you ranks like "Ibaka", "capo",etc. You dont attend lectures, you threaten your lecturers & they pass you in the exams you did not write. Your parents are at home, rejoicing 'my son is in school.' Your gang tells you that you are safe with them, no shaking. You take all sorts of oaths in the name of "Blending". They flog you throughout the night, they make you enter inside a grave, six or more guys will be ordered to fill up the grave while you try to jump out from it. If you succeed in jumping out, fine, if you don't succeed, you will be buried alive.They use hot iron or ax to give you marks, all in the name of transforming you into a real man. You don't ask yourself 'What is the essence of these pains I'm passing through?", "How much salary will I be paid?", "Where will this lifestyle lead me to ?", "If i die here, what will be my fate. "All you want is to answer a 'deadly guy', 'cartel man' 'badoo'. You forget that if anything happens to you now, those friends who tell you that you are safe will abandon you. Life is too short , the girl you are having sex with, you don't know where she belongs, she may be from the water. You are just taking in smoke into your body, drinking poisons, codine, tramadol etc, things that will make your life shorter, in the name of "getting high". Your heart is hardened that you cut your fellow human being with axe and matchet without mercy, you shed blood without feelings, after all 'he is our enemy'. Which enemy is he?, which organisation/country are you fighting for? Do you know that there is only 1 life? Do you think that those charms will protect you forever?.. Now, take a look at your life, smoke, drink, go to operations, steal, go to night clubs, sleep with women, that's all. Do you ever think of your future? The next thing you will say is 'The government is corrupt. ' Yourself, how did you make your bed? Those people who make you feel like a lord,... one good day, death will come, your charms, gang, weapons, will not stop it. Try to visit mortuaries & see where bodies which were very alive before are lying lifeless, hopeless & helpless.Nobody comes to bring them food, nobody comes to ask them "How are you doing? " Nobody comes to stay with them, nobody comes to visit them. They are abandoned there till the day they will be put inside the grave. Where are the might, power, fame & connections they had? Their own has ended. Amend your ways. Take your time and think about this thoroughly........


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