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My childhood was all about domestic chores ,farm work and what have you. It was therefore an intriguing experience when I visited a distant relation during my National youth service, to find out the exact opposite of the type of background I had. My aunt practically did the house chores, including washing of his children's clothes and dishes. In addition to that, she made sure she took them to and from school, not minding their already mature age!

In the olden days, children served their parents, but today the reverse seems to be the case. Then, fathers did practically nothing. They were served meals and their laundry was handled by their children and wife/wives as the case may be. The children equally did the tedious farming works, supervised by their parents. In fact, one of the reasons for poligamy was for numerical purposes; the more the children, the less work parents do.

Today in many rural and semi-urban areas, many children still do tasks reminiscent of the olden days, particularly among those from economically disadvantaged homes. Some hawk goods while others do other menial jobs to help better the lots of their respective families, financially.

Where problem lies today is among the average and well-to-do families, who do not subject their wards to any form of chore, relying on the services of maids and servants, and of course parents themselves. Today, children contribute little or nothing, both in manpower and otherwise, to their families, and that is why many children of these days grow into adults without knowing how to perform the basic household chores like cooking and keeping the house in order, while the so-called maids end up as better spouses.

It is said that the best way to a man's heart is through his belly! While that is contestable, it is indisputable that a lady that does not know how to cook is finished. When I see scores of married men and shockingly some women patronise "mama puts" everyday, I shudder. Any woman that uses 'busy schedules' as an excuse not to cook, lacks good parental upbringing.

You are not doing your child any good by exempting such a child from household duties. It is part of training. You have no business employing a maid when you have able bodied children at home. When they learn to do domestic chores, it makes them more responsible!  To be continued. ..

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