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Life Changer Chapters 2 and 3(QandA)

 Chapter 2

What is Ummi’s full name? Her name is Ummi Ahmad.

Why did Salma say lecturers and policemen are alike? Salma accused lecturers of being corrupt, saying they take bribes just like police officers.

Why did Ummi feel uncomfortable while speaking to the HOD? Ummi felt uncomfortable because the HOD referred to her as “my dear”.

Why was Salma in shock moments after her discussion with a certain young man on the queue? Salma was surprised to find out that the young man she gossiped with turned out to be the lecturer they have all been waiting for.

Why was Ummi scared of young male lecturers? Ummi wasn’t comfortable around young male lecturers because Salma had warned her that they always want to date female students and extort money from the guys.

What tribe is Dr. Samuel Johnson from? Ummi’s HOD, Dr. Samuel Johnson is a Yoruba man.

What is Ummi’s HOD’s name? Ummi’s HOD’s name is Dr. Samuel Johnson.

Why was Ummi in shock when she met the HOD? Ummi was surprised to find out her HOD was also a very young man.

What facial features did Ummi and her husband often used to describe her HOD? Ummi’s HOD had clearly visible tribal marks and this was often used to describe him. He was also said to look like an Igala or Yoruba man.

Why did Ummi not tell her HOD that she was happily married? UMMI didn’t tell the HOD she was married because she felt since he never asked then disclosing that information wasn’t necessary.

How many students had the HOD interviewed before he attended to UMMI? None, Ummi was the first student to meet the HOD for her matriculation number.

Where did Ummi and Salma first meet? They met at the faculty registration office.

Who told Ummi “you are better than I imagined”? Ummi’s HOD said this to her while she was in his office.

Why did Ummi tell Omar to be careful of university girls? Ummi cautioned her son Omar to stay clear from girls who wear revealing outfits.

Why was Salma upset during the registration? Salma was upset because she felt the lecturer in charge of registration was intentionally delaying the process for this own selfish reasons.

Why did Ummi visit the HOD shortly after her registration? After her registration, Ummi proceeded to the HOD’s office to get her matric number.

Who did Ummi describe as a tall, attractive and busty lady with fair complexion? A lady she met in her school called Salma.

What was Ummi’s matric number? Ummi matric number was UG0001.

What did Ummi mean by saying it was a double celebration when she was leaving for the university?. Apart from the fact that she was finally going to university, her husband also suggested that they get married as soon as possible.

Why did Ummi’s husband laugh at her when she narrated her experience with her HOD? Ummi’s husband found her story amusing because she wasn’t aware he and the HOD were friends and he even helped assist with her admission into the university.

Chapter 3

How did Talle’s lose his parents? Talle lost his dad and step mom in a car accident.

Why did Talle’s parents need the help of a traditional medicine man? Talle’s parents were married for many years without being able to have a child, so the sort the help of the a traditional medicine man called a BOKA.

What did Talle do when he heard the sound of police sirens? Talle ran into the HAKIMI’s house but was chased after by the courtiers, this confirmed that he was indeed guilty of something.

Why did Talle suddenly start confessing? Talle began to confess when he saw that the police had not only captured his partner in crime, Zaki but he had been severely tortured.

Who is Zaki? Zaki is Talle’s partner in crime, he is a suspect in a case of kidnapping and extortion.

What unusual activity brought about unwanted attention to Talle? The grocer at the store where Talle often shopped from noticed the quantity of food items he usually purchases suddenly doubled.

What later happen to Zaki and Talle? Zaki and Talle were sentenced to some years in prison for kidnapping and extortion.

Why did the grocer and other people feel the need to be concerned about this? They knew Talle lived alone and couldn’t possibly consume all the food items he was buying frequently.

What is the title given to the district head of Lafayette? The district head in Lafayette is called the HAKIMAl.

When summoned by the HAKIMI, what was Talle’s reason for buying more food items than usual? Talle said he bought more food items so he won’t starve if he goes broke but he failed to provide a reasonable answer on how he got the money to buy that quantity of food.

What did the people do when they discovered Talle’s new shopping habits? People thought this was unusual and decided to inform the HAKIMI aka District Head.

How long was the young boy held captive in Talle’s house? The young boy was held captive in Talle’s house for a week before the police freed him.

How did Talle lose his birth mother? Talle’s mother died while giving birth to him.

What did the police and the villagers discover when they searched Talle’s house? The police discovered a young boy who was held captive in Talle’s house.

What is the name of the town where Ummi lived with her family? Ummi and her family lived in a little town called Lafayette.

Why did Salma get expelled from her previous university? She was found guilty of exam malpractice.

What did Ummi’s describe as EMAL? Exam Malpractice.

Who is referred to as BOKA? A BOKA is a traditional medicine man.

What did Ummi’s HOD do when he saw Ummi? Dr. Sam John greeted her in a jovial manner.

Why was Talle often referred to as the “quiet one”? Talle was often called “the quiet one” because he never interacted with people rather he kept to himself mostly.

Who assisted in raising Talle as a child? Talle’s father re-married after his mom passed away. Talle was raised by his father and his step mother.

What is the rumor about how Talle was conceived? There was a rumor that the BOKA gave Talle’s parents a concoction for instant fertility while others believed that the traditional medicine man laid with his mother.

What was Talle’s occupation? Talle worked as a driver in the Local Government office.

How old was young boy who was held captive in Talle’s house? The boy who was held captive in Talle’s home was 13years old.

Who was said to be born with the aid of a traditional medicine man? Talle aka the quiet one, was said to have been born with the help of a traditional medicine man.

Who asked about the story of the person they referred to as “The quiet one”? Omar asked his mom Ummi to tell them a story about a man they referred to as the quiet one”.

Why did Talle commit the crime? Talle was desperately indeed of money and was therefore easily persuaded by Zaki to help in his plan to kidnap his friends son and collect a huge amount of ransom.

How did the police arrest Zaki? Zaki was arrested by the police at the point of collecting the ransom.

Why did Ummi ask her husband to apologize to her HOD on her behalf? Ummi felt sorry after she was convinced that she overreacted and misunderstood a harmless situation.

Why does the town have a policy that doesn’t permit strangers to be given accommodation without proper authorization? In order to ensure that they don’t harbor criminals or fugitives in the town, strangers cannot be given accommodation without the permission of the HAKIMI.

How many year has the current HAKIMI been in office? The HAKIMI has been in office for over 30 years.


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