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LIFE Changer (Questions and Answers) Chapter 1


Chapter 1

  1. What time does Ummi’s husband usually close from work?. Ummi’s husband usually closes from work by 5pm.
  2. Why does Bint’s mom often enter her children’s bedroom without knocking on the door? – She wanted them to get used to her presence and to always ensure they maintain good hygiene by keeping their room tidy always.
  3. How many credits did Omar get in his WAEC? – Omar got 7 credits in his WAEC including in English and mathematics at his first attempt.
  4. Who answered the Teacher’s first question? – Bint
  5. What did Omar demand his siblings refer to him as. – Omar demanded Teemah and Jamilar call him “My Learned Brother”.
  6. Why didn’t Ummi tell her children a story about her experience in the university? Ummi’s refused to tell her kids a story about her experience in the university because she felt they were much too young to know about life on campus, especially her own experience.
  7. Who is Teemah – She is Ummi’s first Daughter and also her second child.
  8. Who is Bint? – Bint is Ummi’s daughter, she is her youngest child.
  9. Who went to buy the Zobo drink? – Teemah went to buy the Zobo drink.
  10. Who offered to pay for the Zobo drink? – Ummi offered to pay for the Zobo drink.
  11. What was Omar’s JAMB score? Omar scored 230 in his UTME exams.
  12. What questions did Bint ask her teacher that made him nervous and uncomfortable? – She asked him how to say “that’s very Good” in French
  13. What was the first question Bint’s Social Studies teacher asked the classroom when quizzing them on French – He asked them to greet Good morning in French.
  14. How many kids did Ummi have – Ummi had four kids, 3 girls and a boy.
  15. Why did Bint’s parents encourage her to study French? – They believed learning a new language at an early age was easy and French is a widely spoken international language.
  16. What course did Ummi’s husband study in the university? – Ummi’s husband studies Accounting in the university although he initially wanted to study Law.
  17. Who used to say “what you teach a child is like writing on a hard rock and when dried it would be difficult to erase” – Ummi’s grand mom.
  18. What does Omar call Ummi? – He calls her Mum.
  19. How old is Bint? – Bint is 5 years old
  20. Who asked Ummi to tell them a story? Bint asked Ummi to tell them a story while they sat outside.
  21. Why did Jamilla suggest they all go outside? The room was getting hot and stuffy because they was no power, therefore Jamilla suggested they all go outside to get some fresh air.
  22. Who did the social studies teacher call on to help him answer Bint’s questions? – He asked the French mistress who often teaches the senior classes to help him answer Bint’s question.
  23. Who is Jamila? – Jamilla is Ummi’s daughter and Bint’s immediate elder sister.
  24. What reward was Omar expecting from his dad for his accomplishments? – Omar was hoping his dad will buy him an android smartphone.
  25. Why did Omar have to wait two days before checking his admission status? Omara had to wait to go to the cyber cafe to check his admission status because he didn’t have a smartphone, unlike his friends who had checked theirs immediate using their smartphones.
  26. Who is Omar – Omar is Ummi’s first child and her only son.
  27. What is Ummi’s occupation? Ummi was a teacher.
  28. How old was Omar when he got admission into the university? – Omar was 18 years old when he got admission into the university.
  29. Why was Omar so excited when he got home? – Omar was happy because he got admission into the university.
  30. What course was Omar offered in Ahmadu Bello University? He was given admission to study Law at Kongo Campus in Ahmadu Bello University.
  31. Which university offered Omar admission? – Omar got admission into Ahmadu Bello University Zaria.


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