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Sunday Special: Threats that are not really threats

I will show you The stuff I'm made of
 Is this even a threat? When you get such a threat especially from a superior or someone who believes he has a lot to offer, especially when such a statement is aimed at making you feel threatened or afraid, relax. Such a statement should not make you fret. The speaker probably has complex issues and is struggling to prove his mettle. Wait for the 'stuff' to may just wait forever. πŸ˜‚

I will beat the hell out of you 

When he threatens to beat the hell out of you, be grateful instead. After all, who want to be in hell? If he beats the hell out of you, the only option you probably have is heaven! Yeah, that is the goal...heaven is the goal. He beats the hell out of you and you go to heaven! How does that sound?

The world will gather for the two of us: When your spouse uses such a statement as a threat, smile and go away. The world will certainly gather for you both-ON YOUR WEDDING DAY probably. 

It will be just you and me 

You will hear from me: Many a times, we complain that our loved ones do not check up on us or call us on phone πŸ“±. "You will hear from" probably means that you should be expecting a call up or a chat. 😊

You will dance to the tune of my music...u will face the music. Be ready for a nice time. If you are a music lover or you are a dancer, be ready to do lots of them.

You will regret the day u were born : Why not? Especially if you were born poor or of you have been through misfortunes. Most often, you would regret the day u were born, albeit momentarily.

Pack your belongings and leave my house: When u know quite well that you are moving on to something a lot better and you were looking for the best possible way to engineer a move, this is the best time to bend the iron πŸ§‡!


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