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Secure our daughters please. ..
By chukwudi Anagbogu ( 08063305177 )Full version

While conducting a counselling class, a young girl named Grace (not real name)with a tear-soaked face and trembling voice, relayed a gut-chilling experience to me. According to her, she had been serially raped by a maternal cousin, Michael (not real name ) who paid occasional visits to her parents' house. Her parents were traders who leave the house very early, only to return very late in the evening, thus leaving her in the 'care' of the cousin, who incidentally was an alter boy and was as well preparing for entrance exam into a seminary school; an exam which he had written many times and failed. According to Grace, her parents had absolute trust in Michael, whom they treat as their own son.
The first day it happened, Grace had returned from school and was about changing her clothes in her room when Michael suddenly appeared from nowhere and pounced on her . Obviously her risistance had fallen due to the obvious physical advantage he had over her (she was just 10, while Michael was 19). Besides, she would never had imagined such a thing happening to her, let alone from her cousin, who even bathed her when she was younger. When I asked her why she didn't report the incident to her parents, she posited that he had threatened her with horrible stories of people that reported such matters and ended up being murdered. He equally assured her that there was nothing wrong with what happened, while promising to keep buying her 'things'. So, for more than two years, it went on. ..

Whenever I see the rate at which under - aged children are raped by adults, I keep on imagining the real motive for such act. Things have degenerated to the level of fathers raping daughters; brothers on sisters (I've handled a lot of cases in this regard,even teachers on students, to mention but a few. Is this one of the signs of end time?

Rape does not only occur when a man forcefully has canal knowledge of a woman, if a man who is mature has sexual relations with a minor, whether forcefully or consentually, it is still rape.A lot of people are quick to add, though mischieviously that men can also be raped by a woman. I wonder whether a man can have a forceful erection.

I believe that one of the causes of promiscuity these days is early exposure to sex, which many a times comes in form of rape. Remember that sex is addictive, just like every other habit. And while a high percentage of our teenagers are already sexually active, sometimes even more than adults, their academics and moral growth are hampered. The result is that our society continues to deteriorate.

A lot of parents have failed in their primary duty of parenthood. Their lack of check and rare allotment of time to their children's day to day activities, have rubbed off on their children's lives, negatively.

Parents should keep a wary eye on their children, particularly the girls from birth till adulthood. No one is trustworthy, therefore, be careful who your daughter stays with, no matter the affinity. It is on record that most perpetrators of rape are those close to the victims.
Children are very gullible, and can easily be misled. Therefore, it is important you eliminate anything that would make your daughter stay all alone with a male. Girls should not share the same room with boys.

What do we have to say about our men who devour these girls? Fate and of course God, would judge them. There are anti-rape laws of course, but because most cases of rape are not reported, they seemingly go scot free. Due to the unreasonable stigma faced by rape victims, such cases lie low, thereby encouraging its perpetuity. This is not good.

I don't know why a lot of people are against having sex education in our schools. For goodness sake, these children you think are not mature enough for sex education have other ways of learning it, albeit the wrong way. Remember, technology and ICT are within the reach of everyone.

Take note that even adults are victims of rape, but we concentrate on the minors because they are very gullible and defenceless. Common sense tells a lady that plying lonely roads and staying out late nights are risk factors, just as indecent dressing and visiting male adults alone are.


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