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Think inwards!

How would you feel if you discover that the young, innocent-looking and naive househelp you supposedly rescued from perpetual timidity by bringing her to the city is pregnant for your beloved husband? Or as a man, you return home unannounced to behold your houseboy making out with your wife? That would be unimaginable, right?
The above is a regular spectacle in society today. But, the problem with us is that we are never proactive in all we do. We get careless over vital issues, that our eyes only open when the damage is done.
Are you a 'madam' who relaxes on the sofa minute after minute ordering your househelp around? Or you are so lazy or too 'busy' to attend to your husband's personal chores? Or you allow housemaids to do practically everything at home, even when you have able-bodied children doing nothing? Or the nature of your work does not give u a second to attend to domestic issues? Then u might have just planted a timebomb which would eventually explode someday.
A man is his wife's responsibility. When you allow a maid or anyother female at that, to cook and serve your husband meals, dress his beds, clean his shoes, even washes his clothes, hmmm, you might just be living with a co-wife. When you spend time maltreating or abusing her, be sure that she would have the pity of your husband. Naturally, when he begins to develop affection for her, you have no justification to complain: you called for it. She is closer to him than yourself. Worse still, if you are the nagging type, and the only consolation he has is the hapless househelp at home, then you must doing an abrupt re-think.
I am not trying to justify what a lot of men do with domestic staff, but when you keep dangling banana before a monkey, it's only a matter of time before it devours it. However, some very responsible men still keep themselves in check, a lot fall by the wayside.
If as a man, you spend day and night doing business and junketting all over the world,with little or no time for your family, you are simply planting an explosive. What women, and children need most is time and attention, not necessarily money. Women need attention hundred percent, and when you starve them of such, be ready to take whatever comes out of it. When you allow the male domestic staff to deputise for you, the rest is history. Women love who they see. Forget about distant relationship ; it is a two way affair.
A woman should know that certain chores at home should be handled by them, especially the ones that directly involves the husband. Caring for your husband is not just about giving him sexual satisfaction, it goes beyond that. Allowing your househelp usurp part of your marital duties or forcing her to do so, is simply pushing her towards your husband and relinquishing your position as the woman of the house.

 Between a woman who cooks for the whole family, cleans the house, washes the clothes including doing school run, and the one who goes to work and returns without doing any chore, who is the wife? Your guess is as good as mine .

Chukwudi Anagbogu (08063305177)


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