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Who is really a prostitute?

Whenever we hear the word, "prostitutes, " our minds go to those young ladies and of course guys who stand at strategic and vantage locations looking for clients for 'a night stand. ' Often times, society treat them with utmost disdain and derogation. Many see them as society misfits and devils' incarnate, to mention but a few. However, we need to tell ourselves the plain truth by admitting that prostitution goes beyond standing on the highways and trading one's body for money.

As far as you go down with someone in exchange for material things, you are not different from the commercial sex workers on the streets. When you yield to someone's sexual demands in order to gain a favour from the fellow, you are prostituting. It doesn't matter where the act takes place( whether hotel, motel, home,church, shrine, market, bush etc).

These days, sex is used by a lot of people to attain every single height in the society. Employees are laid by bosses in exchange for quick and unmerited promotions/favours, employments are given to those who are ready to play ball, lecturers and students go down in exchange for grades, landlords harbour tenants who don't pay a dime to them in exchange for sex, the list is endless. With these, what gives one the moral right to condemn the commercial sex workers?

While I condemn prostitution in its entirety, in any form or by any means, we need to do a reality check. Ignoring this aspect of our lives is high level of pretex. If you have ever traded sex for any material thing, then u have prostituted. Thus, you need contrition.

Being in a relationship is not employment; or an avenue to eke out a living. A person that has integrity would not turn to a 'romantic beggar and trickster' just because his or her partner is willing to spend the cash.

More often than not, things gotten out of prostitution do not last. That is why a lot of commercial sex workers still don't live the kind of lives that they anticipated before venturing into that.

What shall we say about some parents whose daughters in the universities send them money regularly, without them asking its source? Shouldn't it be the other way round? Remember, if you consume stolen goods knowingly or unknowingly, you are a thief. Thus if you benefit from prostitution, directly or indirectly, you are one!

Prostitution seems to thrive, and that has contributed to the high level of laziness among our youths; no one wants to work hard anymore. They are always fast to blame the government for their plight.

That notwithstanding, we still have very responsible and hardworking people in our society, though they are in the minority.

Remember that prostitution is a sin that runs down a nation and a person, and no religion supports it. What we need is reality check as well as being forthright. That will pay us better.
Chukwudi Anagbogu ( 08063305177 )


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